Top 10 Reasons
To Use Tim-bor/Bora-care for Drywood Termite Treatments

1.  INHIBITS WOOD DECAY - Tim-bor/Bora-care will stop existing wood while preventing new decay


2.  NON-INVASIVE - The application to wood makes these treatments non-invasive to your family.

3.  GENERAL PEST PROTECTION - Wood treatment with these products can provide protection against general pests, including cockroaches


4.  SAVES TIME - Most treatments can be done in under a day.

5.  LESS POTENTIAL FOR DAMAGE - These products have less potential for property damage that may be associated with other treatment methods.


6.  RESIDUAL SOLUTION - The application remains in the wood for years, providing protection from future infestations of drywood termites.

7.  LESS RISK - Tim-bor/Bora-care is applied using simple procedures that minimize risk.


8.  CONVENIENCE - Tim-bor/Bora-care treatments can be done when families are home.

9.  NO VOCs - Tim-bor/Bora-care does not have any Volatile Organic Compounds.


10.  SAVES MONEY - The long term savings gives you an overall lower cost, fewer headaches, happier family and/or tenants and long lasting protection.