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Termatrac Termite Inspection and Treatment System           

Your Termite and Pest Control is proud and excited to announce that we now offer the Termatrac Termite inspection and Treatment System, the most effective and high-tech termite detection system in the world.  The Termatrac system features the most advanced, patented device available, developed purely to detect, confirm and track the presence of termites.  It allows termite inspections and treatments to be completed more accurately, saving homeowner's time, money and dangerous chemicals.

The amazingly progressive device we employ is the Termatrac T3i, which is the best, non-instrusie piece of equipment available, and it performs three (3) functions.  First, it uses termite detection radar to search out the source of these pests.  Second, it employs it's remote thermal sensor and moisture sensor to find the area of intrusion for quick and effective treatment.  It stores your data, analyzes it and keeps your individual plan uploaded so that a follow-up visit in a number of months will give us the exact parameters needed to inspect the affected area for follow-up treatment, if necessary.  In this busy world we live in, expediency and accuracy is important to keep our patrons satisfied and safe.

The Remote Thermal Sensor with a Laser Guide built-in, lets the TERMATRAC T3i hand-held unit perform a similar role as a thermal imaging camera, enabling the operator to 'point & scan', locating changes in building surface temperature which is a common tell-tale sign with termite infestation.

Your Termite and Pest Control technician's ability to identify the concentration of moisture in walls, points out typical termite risk areas.  TERMATRAC's latest patented Termite Detection Radar system remains the only technology device in the world that can precisely locate and track the presence of termites without the need for physical penetration of walls, floors or ceilings, and will not disrupt, but will effectively displace termite activity.  Radar signals are specially calibrated to locate termites through timber, brick, masonry, concrete, plaster board/dry wall, plastic, tiles, carpet, kitchen cupboards and many other common building materials.  Also, after six months we can come back and check areas where termites were and make sure they have not returned!

The TERMATRAC Termite Detection System Radar ensures no physical penetration of walls and no need for tapping or prodding.  The TERMATRAC Treatment utilizes the latest in technology.  This powerful but versatile technology allows the operator to accurately locate and confirm the presence of termites.  He can then locate nests, mud-leads and entry points to ensure a cost-efficient and effective treatment that need only be applied to required areas.

Step up to the 21st century in pest control as Your Termite and Pest Control introduces this cutting-edge technology in termite treatment to the Sarasota, Bradenton, Manatee, Northport, Tampa Bay areas and more.  Call us today at 941.748.0055 for more information about our company and all the other services we are proud to feature.


The Green Solution vs. Orange Oil Treatment     

Tim-bor Professional and Bora Care are EPA-registered termiticides, insecticides and fungicides.  We use special application pumps to target hard to reach areas for best results.  The active ingredient in Tim-bor is disodium otaborate tetrahydrate, a borate mineral salt that is lethal to insects.  With being a mineral salt, it will not break down over time, penetrates into the wood, providing residual protection.

Your Termite & Pest Control Co. has used orange oil products for the past 3 years, with little to no success.  Orange oil leaves no residual protection resulting in re-infestation of your home.  Yes, it will kill the termites and is and all natural product.  Through our experience, we received many call backs while using this product, which did not satisfy our customers.  Our customers also reported an unpleasant odor and paint peeling off surfaces from the Orange Oil.

Because our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, we endorse and use Tim-bor Professional and Bora Care products in our customers homes.

The Florida saying goes, if you don't have termites, you're going to get them!

Your Termite & Pest Control Company specializes in the treatment of Drywood Termites without tenting.  No fumigation and no harsh chemicals.  We have an all-natural product that treats the infested wood and gives a long, lasting protection against this destructive pest.  With 18 years experience, this has been a proven and effective treatment.

The Borate Story

Borates are used as a safer alternative to highly volatile, synthetic chemical pesticides.  The pesticide qualities of borates have been used for at least 300 years.  To stop decay or insects, builders and homeowners can apply borates to existing wood.  Borates go directly on the wood and not into the soil.  Borates kill termites and other wood-eating insects by poisoning the microorganisms in the insect's digestive tract that are needed to break down the wood's cellulose.  In other words, the termites starve to death.
Borates are also used to control ants, cockroaches, crikets and silverfish.  Borates are used as a liquid spray, in granular baits and as a contact dust.  Scientists believe insects die when borates enter their digestive tracts after consuming bait or grooming themselves.  The borates kill the microorganisms in the insect's gut.  So far, insects have shown no ability to develop resistance to borates.

Ten Reasons for No Tent

Borates are being used more and more in the conservation of wooden structures and artifacts.  The chemical diffuses deep into wood fibers to stop wood decay fungi.  They are used in restoration projects from old homes to old ships.  If you are concerned about exposure to toxic chemicals ofr your family and the environment, request that Your Termite & Pest Control Co. use Nisus products in your home.

Tim Bor Professional and Bora Care products have been proven sucessful in the pest control industry for many years, including Drywood Termite treatment without tenting.  I have seen great success personally over the years.  I have treated many homes that were built in the twenties to homes built recently and have many great stories of satisfied customers not having to leave their home because of harsh chemical treatment. Tim Bor Professional and Bora Care products treat Drywood Termites and protect your home from their return.